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Mom’s fish intake may boost child’s brain power

joi, aprilie 24th, 2008

Mom’s fish intake may boost child’s brain power Reuters Health Tuesday, April 1, 2008 NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Preschoolers whose mothers regularly ate low- mercury fish during pregnancy may have sharper minds than their peers, a study suggests. Researchers found that among 341 3-year-olds, those whose mothers ate more than two servings of fish [...]

Infant and Toddler Development

marți, aprilie 22nd, 2008

Infant and Toddler Development When will my baby take his first step or say her first word? Early childhood, from your baby ‘s birth until he or she turns 5, is when children develop skills they will use for the rest of their lives. The normal growth of children can be broken down into the [...]

Starting smart

luni, martie 24th, 2008

The Power of Early Experiences   Our brains shape and reshape themselves in ways that depend on what we use them for throughout our lives. Learning language is a nice example of how experiences contribute to each persons unique pattern of brain development. The ability to speak and to understand others speech requires only the [...]

Children smarter than us (grown ups)! Don’t you think?

duminică, martie 23rd, 2008

In the new science of children ‘s minds, babies are smarter than adults, according to book co-authored by UC Berkeley psychologist  NEWS RELEASE, 8/10/99   BERKELEY– That baby in the crib only looks like a soft, downy, innocent creature without an agenda. Actually, it has the greatest mind in the universe in the process of [...]

Babyes are smarter and suppose to grow smarter

vineri, martie 21st, 2008

Brain Development part 02 Brain Weight       The top graph on the left shows the brain weights of males and females at different ages. The bottom graph shows the brain weight to total body weight ratio (expressed as a percentage). The adult brain makes up about 2% of the total body weight. (Data [...]

Babyes are smarter and suppose to grow smarter

vineri, martie 21st, 2008

Brain Development  part 01   The brain grows at an amazing rate during development. At times during brain development, 250,000 neurons are added every minute!! At birth , almost all the neurons that the brain will ever have are present. However, the brain continues to grow for a few years after birth. By the age [...]


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